Brood Mares

Cassiopaea's Cream, AKA Cass, is a perlino Quarter Pony.  Her sire is AQHA #4377869 Poco Jessie JB, a perlino that carries one dun gene, 

which Cass inherited as well!   Her sire is 97% Foundation bred, has Poco Tivio and Jessie James actually on his papers, and Jessie James, top and bottom.  See a video of Poco Jessie JB here:

Cass's dam is a perlino Welsh Pony/Welsh Cob cross, by the well-known jumper, Welsh B registered Rocko's Gold.  Rocko is a First Premium American Sportpony.  Welsh B #B-39231  See a profile of Rocko's Gold here:

Poco Jessie JB AQHA #4377869 Perlino 14.2hh

Sweet Jessie Tivio AQHA #3187490 Dun

Jessie Tivio AQHA #1305917 Buckskin

Collin's Jessie AQHA #0649636 Dun

Jessie's Honeydew AQHA #0923113 Buckskin

Whites Sweet Chex AQHA #2093746 Dun

Collins Jessie AQHA #0649636 Dun

Miss Paula Chex AQHA #0207663 Dun

Poco Jessie One AQHA #3006256 Buckskin

Collin's Jessie AQHA #0649636 Dun

Jessie James AQHA #0002257 Dun

Cozy Mccue AQHA #0252793 Bay

Poco Chick One AQHA #2596047 Bay

Poco Diego 007 AQHA #0399601 Bay

Shy Young Chick AQHA #1080806 Brown

Shirley Welsh Pony/Welsh Cob WPCSA#H-5728 perlino

Rocko's Gold WPCSA #B-39231 Buckskin 12.3hh

Tide Creek Black Gold WPCSA #B-36825

Kenfel Showtime

Shadywood Misty Moonlight

Evans Ordinary Angel WPCSA #B-36825

Bristol Victorio 13.2hh 1991

Shady Wood Angel Fire A-30243

Butterscotch WPCSA #(unknown)