TBS Maximum Exposure  AKA 'Max'  DOB 04//13/2011  


~Max has received his REGULAR PAPERS (NOT stamped "undesirable markings") from the Appaloosa Horse Club.  While he does push and challenge most every color rule the ApHC has, he was found to be in compliance. Namely, his high white stockings ALL connect to his blanket in one way or another, the white on his face does not go too far back, and the white patches on his chest are smaller than the 6" rule allows. So, he is registered as TBS Maximum Exposure. 

~Max has been ApHC parentage verified and has his DNA on file with the club. 

~Max is bay E/e A/a.  He was genetics tested homozygous LP/LP <Leopard Complex> & SW1/SW1 <Splash White SW-1>, (Meaning he is homozygous for those two color genes, and will ALWAYS pass some degree of Appaloosa characteristics of them on to every foal he sires, even on solid colored mares of any breed or color!)  Since Max is LP/LP snowcap.

Max's genetics guarantee your foal to have LP (spots!) of some kind, from small patch of spots on butt/hips, clear up to total leopard spots, as well as Splash adding facial white of some kind and leg white of some kind.

He has also color tested E/e (one black gene & one red gene), Agouti A/a (meaning that he has the ability to sire black foals, depending on the Agouti status of the foals' dam as well).

~Max is tested 5-Panel negative, EVA negative, Sabino 1 negative, Splashed White 2 & 3 negative, and Overo & Tobiano negative.